Introduction & Thank You

We want to kick things off by giving a big Thank You for using Rawfolio themes and products. It's been our mission from the start to provide photographers and creative professionals, beautiful, unique, and easy to use web sites, blog sites and products that enhance their businesses, workflows and overall web presence.

How to best use this site

For Initial Setup & General Help:

The documentation articles and tutorials in the Getting Started section are meant as a guide to help you get up and running with a Rawfolio blog site. While it's not neccesary to follow in order, the articles have been arranged in an order best suited to setting up WordPress and a Rawfolio theme. From obtaining a web host, to installing WordPress and Rawfolio themes, to getting everything set up and customized.

For Theme Specific Help:

For help with an individual theme, each theme has it's own help article outlining the specifics of that theme, these articles are found in the Themes & Plugins section on the left. These articles also provide the details for options that are specific to that particular theme.

We've tried to make all of the documentation easy to follow and find, but if you happen to get stuck, or can't seem to find the help you're looking for in the documentation or on our Support Site, don't worry, we're here to help, just Send us an Email and we'll get you squared away.

We hope you truly enjoy your new blog site, and are so happy to have you as a customer, so again Thank You!

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