Bold Reloaded

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The Bold Reloaded theme is a minimalist full-screen theme designed to put your images front and center.

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Like many of our themes, Bold shares many of it's features with the other themes in our lineup. This helps provide a unified interface and experience across all of our themes. That said, Bold does have a couple features and options that are not found in our other themes or not covered in the general theme documentation.

Portfolio Page Template

Bold features an additional Portfolio page template along with the normal Portfolio pages that are included in each of our themes. This template allows you to display All of your portfolios and galleries on one page, with an animated filtering feature. This page is best suited for those who have more than one Portfolio, with multiple galleries in each. It provides an easy way for your visitors to quickly filter and select which of your galleries they would like to view. To use this template, simply create a Page in the Pages section of WordPress, and set it to use the Portfolio Page Template. It will display all of your galleries, and populate clickable links with the name of your Portfolios at the top of the page.

Tips for using this template:

  • Make sure you have set a Featured Image for each gallery. Otherwise, depending on how you have elected to display the gallery titles (Gallery Title Position in Bold Options->Settings->Galleries tab), you may have some inconsistencies in the layout, this is because a space in the grid is still created for the gallery even though it may appear that nothing is in fact there.
  • If there are certain galleries you would like to not be displayed on this page, your Homepage gallery for instance; You can set those galleries to not display on an individual basis when editing the gallery. You can find this option at the bottom of the Gallery Setup tab when editing your gallery. The option is labeled Gallery Visibility.

Version 2 Changes Back to Top

Along with our other themes, there are many changes to Bold in the version 2 release. Most of which won't affect your site when upgrading, but there are a few key changes that you'll need to address upon updating. Below is a list of the more notable changes to the Bold theme. Items that need attention are noted.

Bold Additions & Changes

  • Completely Redesigned Admin Interface
  • Easier to use Gallery system and galleries now support videos as well.
  • Completely new Shortcode system and shortcode generator
  • Built in video pages
  • New Image like system for blog images (we will be expanding this system in the future)
  • More options and customization control both globally and at a page level
  • New extension system under the hood that allows for easy addition of functionality and features to your site (much like the built in WordPress Plugin system)

Version 2 Action Items:

The following items will need to be addressed when upgrading from Version 1.X to Version 2 to ensure your site displays correctly.

  • Pages - The default page templates of Bold have been modified to give you more control over how the featured images render as well as the placement of page titles. You'll want to go into each of your pages and verify the settings as well as set the appropriate image and image sizes so they display in the manner you want them to. Otherwise they will use the theme defaults, which may/may not be to your liking.
  • Galleries - We've completely revamped the gallery system in version 2, the biggest change being that you can now use any images in your media library instead of being required to upload images directly to the gallery. Because of this, you will need to go into each of your galleries and re-select the images you want to use. Since they are already uploaded to the page, you can just select 'Uploaded to this Post' from the drop down box at the top in the 'Add Media' popup, select all the images, and click 'Use Selected Images'.
  • Shortcodes - Version 2 has a new built in short code generator, you can access it by clicking the orange raw logo in the editor button bar. Because of the revamped short code system, you will need to re-insert things such as tabs, toggles and accordions. This is primarily because the javascript library that was used for these in version 1, is no longer compatible with current versions of WordPress and can cause conflicts and errors.

Don't forget to click the Save button in the theme options panel so an updated stylesheet can be generated for your site.

Demo Content Back to Top

While we cannot provide the exact content that is shown on the Bold demo site due to copyright and ownership of the images and content, we have put together demo content using creative commons licensed images using the same page structure as the Bold Demo. You can import this content by uploading the XML file below using the WordPress Import Wizard (Tools->Import). This will give you a good base to start with when creating a new site with Bold. We do not recommend using the demo content if you are using an existing WordPress installation, this should only be used on New WordPress Installations Only.

Once you import the content, you'll want to go into the Theme options panel and click Save so a new options stylesheet is generated. You'll also need to go into each of the imported galleries and click the Update/Publish button. This is because the galleries require a configuration file that is generated when you publish or update the gallery, and these configuration files will not be imported.