Contact Form

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All of our themes come with a built-in, customizable contact form that you can use on your site. This makes it easy for your clients to inquire via email in a consistent format, without the use of external plugins that may or may not match the look and feel of your site.

Contact Form Settings Back to Top

The settings for and field editor for the contact form are located in the Theme Options panel, under the Settings section. (See screenshot below)

Adding Fields to your Form Back to Top

Fields are added to your form via the Contact Form Fields option on the settings page. Each box represents a field in your form and when expanded, reveals the details and settings for that particular field. The field boxes can be arranged by dragging and dropping them into the order you wish them to appear on your site.

Using the Form Back to Top

On Standard and Lite themes, the contact form can be used in two different ways, Page template, or Shortcode. We include a custom Contact Form page template with each of our themes that is styled for and specifically accomodates the fields that you define in the theme options.

To use the Page Template: Simply create a page (or select an existing) to be used for your contact page. Go into the Page editor, and in the Page Attributes box on the right hand side of the page, select the Contact Page template from the Template dropdown, then click save.

To use the shortcode: If you'd like your contact form to appear someplace other than the built in contact page template, then you can use the built-in shortcode to display the form. To use the shortcode simply put the following in the WYSIWYG editor on any post or page: [contact_form]

Using ShootQ with your Contact Form Back to Top

Many of our Premium themes have ShootQ built right into the contact form, which means you can choose to send the form submission to ShootQ directly as a lead. To enable ShootQ integration on themes that support it, simply navigate to the Contact tab of the Settings section of the theme options. The second option down is labeled Process Form via ShootQ, toggle the option to Yes and enter your ShootQ details in the boxes below the toggleswitch. You can find these details by logging into your ShootQ account and visiting the Public API section of the Settings page. After you've entered your API Key and Brand Abbreviation, Click the Save button to save your changes and enable ShootQ, then make sure you refresh the page. This will load in the available ShootQ fields into the Field editor below.

Note: - After enabling ShootQ, make sure to refresh the page so that the correct field types can be loaded into the field editor. These fields must be used for proper integration with ShootQ.

Selecting ShootQ Fields

ShootQ requires leads sent to their service via the API to be formatted in a specific manner. Because of this, You must select the proper ShootQ field type for each of your form fields. If you do not do this, your lead may not be submitted correctly or rejected by ShootQ. When enabling ShootQ for your contact form, additional field types are added to the Field Type dropdown as shown below:

ShootQ requires at very minimum the First Name and Email address to be sent, though we suggest using both the First Name and Last Name fields so that your lead is properly formatted with ShootQ. The Shoot Types and Referrers fields will be populated with the values that you have entered with ShootQ, there is no need to enter anything on your site, as it will automatically contact ShootQ and retrieve those values for you and populate them as Dropdown boxes on the form. Note that these values are stored in your database to avoid having to contact ShootQ each time the page loads (which can significantly degrade performance) and will only be updated once an hour, so if you update these values on ShootQ, they will not immediately show in the dropdown boxes on your site.

As long as you have at least the First Name and Email address selected as a ShootQ field type, you can add any other non-ShootQ fields to your form. These values will be sent to ShootQ and will populate in the Additional Details section of the lead screen.