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A clean and elegant photography theme with a focus on large images and beautiful typography.

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Madison comes with four different re-usable page templates that you can assign to any page on your site to give a distinct look. Those templates are:

  • Default: The default page template will be applied to all new and existing pages, unless changed. Example: Default Page
  • Homepage: The homepage template, while meant to be displayed on the initial page of your site, can really be used anywhere. It allows you to select a gallery to display, OR if you do not select a gallery to display and instead set a 'Featured Image' for the page, it will display just that image in the content area of the page.
  • Portfolio: The portfolio page template allows you to display your galleries in a unique way. It is a page that creates image links to each of the galleries you've assigned to the portfolio you have set to display on that page. The image that is displayed is the 'Featured Image' that you have set for the gallery. Example: Portfolio Page
  • Contact: The contact page template displays the contact form that you've created in the theme options. Example: Contact Page.

Like many of our other themes, Madison also has built in Video pages. When you create a Video item in the WordPress admin, the theme will automatically create a page to display that video, and include all of the details you entered while creating the video. To access these pages, you can either click the 'View Video' link near the title when editing/creating the video, Or add them directly to your menu in the menu editor, as you will see a new 'Videos' section in the left column of the menu editor (if you do not, make sure that section is enabled by clicking the 'Screen options' tab in the upper right corner of the screen and checking the box next to Videos).

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Madison, for all intents and purposes is a 'Full Screen' theme, and this should be accounted for when choosing appropriate image sizes. As of December 2014, the most common screen resolution for desktops was 1366x768 worldwide, with only a total of roughly 17% of all traffic worldwide having a resolution larger. This means that on average over 80% of visitors to your site will be viewing it at a size of 1366x768 or smaller, and this should definitely be taken into account when choosing image sizes for Madison.

We recommend for most sites using image sizes of 1500x1000 for galleries and featured images in the Madison theme, and for those sites that may have a larger portion of users visiting on higher resolutions/screen sizes, going up to a max size of 2000px on the long edge. The most important factor to consider when choosing an appropriate image size is the actual filesize of the image. All images on a website have to be downloaded by the browser before they can be viewed, so the more images and the larger those images are, the more data that has to be downloaded before the visitor can see them, this simply translates into longer page load times and an inferior experience for your visitors, so always make sure to optimize and resize your images appropriately.

Madison Demo Settings Back to Top

As is the case with most of our themes, we pre-set all of the options to mimic the Demo site for that theme. This generally gives a great starting point when creating your site. If for some reason those options did not get set correctly, or you would ike an offline copy of the default settings you can download the settings file here (right-click, Save-as): Madison Demo Settings