Theme Overview

Mag is a modular, block/grid based theme with loads of features and an integrated drag and drop layout builder.

Page Templates

Mag comes with a total of five built in Page Templates, they are:

  • Default - This is the default page template for all pages, it is meant as primarily a text page with the option to insert a Featured Image on the left or right side of the page.
  • Builder - This is the template that must be used to enable the new Layout Builder included with the theme. It is a completely blank page that allows you to add/insert/modify any of the elements inside the layout builder.
  • Portfolio - This template displays your galleries in a grid format, it has an option to select which 'Portfolio' of galleries you would like to display, as well as a selection for All Galleries. We recommend using the Portfolio page template instead of the built in Portfolio pages described Here
  • Testimonial - This template displays any testimonial items created in the Testimonials section of the admin.
  • Contact - This template displays the contact form created in the theme options. It has the same functionality as the Default template.

Tip: The Layout Builder includes an element to insert the Contact Form, so you are not restricted to using only the Contact Page template.

Layout Builder

IMPORTANT - Due to how the layout builder data must be saved, if you have the layout builder enabled on a page, and then change that page's Page Template to something other than the Builder template, you will lose all builder data for that page. In other words, if you have built a page layout using the builder and switch the page template, your layout will be lost and you will have to re-build it. Note that this can also happen if you toggle back and forth between the 'Visual Layout Builder' and 'Default Editor', while saving/updating the page.

WordPress saves data when saving a page Version 2 of Mag introduced our new Drag and Drop Layout Builder, which allows you to design and add content to your pages using a drag and drop interface.

The builder has three main tabs containing various elements you can use to build your page:

  • Layout Elements - This tab contains structural elements for your page. The items in this tab are meant to contain other content and media elements and do not contain any content themselves.
    • Columns - Base column sizes: 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1/1
    • Nested Column - This element is meant to be used inside other columns to create grid type layouts. See the Using the Layout Elements video below for more details.
    • Page Section - This element creates a distinct section on your page and is the only layout element that has selectable options. See the Using the Layout Elements video below for more details.
  • Content Elements - This tab contains various content elements for you to use on your page. The most common of which would likely be the Text Block or Title and Text block.
  • Media Elements - This tab contains media elements that you can use on your page. Items like images or videos, or the Gallery element which allows you to insert any of your existing galleries onto the page.

Video Tutorials

Enabling the Layout Builder

Layout Builder Walkthrough

Using the Layout Elements

Version 2 Changes Back to Top

Along with our other themes, there are a large amount of changes to Mag in the version 2 release. Since Mag's layout has been completed revamped and is now completely modular, you should view version 2 as a completely new theme as there are only a few option selections that will transfer over from version 1. Below is a list of the most notable changes to the Mag theme.

Mag Additions & Changes

  • Completely Redesigned layout
  • Completely Redesigned Admin Interface
  • Easier to use Gallery system and galleries now support videos as well.
  • Completely new Drag and Drop Layout builder system and shortcode generator
  • 2 blog page layouts
  • New Image like system for blog images
  • More options and customization control
  • New extension system under the hood that allows for easy addition of functionality and features to your site (much like the built in WordPress Plugin system)
  • ShootQ integration.
  • Built in video pages
  • All new Testimonial sections
  • New contact form builder and lead system. Create multiple forms and track leads and submissions.

Release Notes

Version 2.0.3

  • CORE - Allow carousel galleries inserted via layout builder
  • BUG - Fix bug preventing 2nd level submenus from being shown
  • BUG - Fix bug with contact form not properly submitting when inserted via layout builder

Version 2.0.2

  • NEW - Add ability to exclude categories from blog

Version 2.0.1

  • BUG - Fix blog call to action alignment when no categories present
  • CORE - CSS tweaks for some builder items