Page Templates

In each of our themes we include multiple page templates which allow you to control the look of the various pages of your site. We include these templates to avoid you having to try to construct a page using the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress, which has a reputation for being.. stubborn.

At the very minimum, we include a total of 2 templates in addition to the Default page template. These are the Homepage template, and the Contact Form template. In many cases, themes may add up to 5 additional page templates as well, and with Version 2 of our themes, you are able to add additional page templates via the extension system.

Selecting A Template Back to Top

When editing an individual page, you will see a box in the right hand column of the page labeled Page Attributes. In this box is a dropdown titled Template, this is the dropdown you will use to select a page template. By default, all new pages that are created in WordPress use the Default page template, so you will only need to change this if you'd like to use one of the other templates provided by your theme.

Page Options Back to Top

Once you have selected the template you'd like to use, click the Update button in the top right box of the page to apply this change. Once the page has been Published/Updated, if the template you selected has additional configuration or customization options, they will appear below the WYSIWYG editor as shown below: