What is a Portfolio? Back to Top

Portfolios vs Galleries - Some people understandably think of portfolios and galleries as the same thing, which is fair as they are both technically collections of images. However in our themes, they are two distinctly different things, and each serve a different purpose. Galleries are your site's slideshows, where Portfolios are collections of galleries. It might be easier to think of Portfolios as categories for galleries, as just like you can put multiple Posts on your blog into a single (or multiple) category, you can put a gallery into multiple Portfolios.

Portfolios allow you to arrange various galleries into logical collections and also give you an added page style to display those galleries, instead of being limited to only having them linked in the menu. They are also optional, you do not have to put your Galleries into Portfolios if you do not want to.

Creating and Adding to Portfolios Back to Top

Creating a Portfolio couldn't be easier, and is the same process as creating Categories for your Posts.

There are two ways you can add a Portfolio:

  1. From the WordPress sidebar: To add a Portfolio from the the WP sidebar, simply click the Portfolio submenu item in the Gallery section of the sidebar. This will bring up the Portfolio menu. On the left side of the page are fields to add a new Portfolio, and on the right side, is a list of all of your current Portfolios.

    Simply type the name you'd like to use for your Portfolio in the Name field and click the Add New Portfolio button at the bottom of the page.

  2. When editing/creating a Gallery:

    To add a Portfolio when editing a gallery, click the Add New Portfolio link in the Portfolios box in the right hand side of the page.
    This will reveal a textbox where you can type the name for your new portfolio. Once you've entered a name, simply click the Add New Portfolio button.

    When adding a Portfolio this way, it will automatically assign the gallery to the new Portfolio, as evidenced by the checkbox being checked next to the Portfolio's name.

Adding a gallery to a portfolio: To add a gallery to an existing portfolio, simply check the checkbox next to the Portfolio name in the Portfolios box when editing the gallery and click the Update button. This will assign the gallery to that portfolio.

Portfolio Pages Back to Top

When you create a portfolio, the theme will automatically create a page that will display the galleries that you assign to it, you do not need to manually create a page.

In most themes, the Portfolio pages are a grid of clickable images, with each link taking you to the respective gallery. If your theme supports customizing the Portfolio pages, you will find the settings located in the Theme Options panel under Settings->Galleries. Most of our themes use a grid based format for displaying the galleries on the portfolio pages and allow you to select how many columns/images you'd like per row as well as where the title of the gallery is displayed, i.e. Above the image, Below the image, or Overlaid on the image. The font settings for the gallery titles on the portfolio pages, are controlled by the Portfolio Title Font in the located in the Typography tab of the Styling section in the theme options.

Note: Portfolio pages are created automatically when Portfolio's are created and galleries are assigned to them. You do not need to manually create a page for portfolios.

Portfolio Page/Grid Images: The image used to denote the each gallery on the Portfolio pages are the Featured Images you set for each the respective gallery.

Portfolio Grid Order: You can dictate the order in which the galleries appear on your portfolio pages by setting the Order for the galleries individually. To set the order: When editing a gallery, in the right side of the page you'll see a box labeled Attributes, inside of that box is a textbox labeled Order, this number will dictate the order in which the galleries will appear on the portfolio page. By default, WordPress sets this value to 0, which in WordPress' eyes is actually 1 i.e. 0 = 1, 1 = 2 etc.

Note: WordPress' ordering beings at 0 instead of 1, and any new galleries added will automatically receive the order of 0.

Adding Portfolios to your Menu Back to Top

Once you've created your Galleries, assigned a Featured Image and added them to a Portfolio, you can now add a link to the Portfolio page to your Navigation Menu.

Note: The process is the same if you'd like to add Galleries to your menu individually.

In the menu editor, which is located under Appearance->Menus of the WordPress sidebar, you'll see a box in the left column labeled Portfolios. This box will show any Portfolios you have created with a checkbox next to the name. To add one or more to the menu, simply check the box next to the name, and click the Add to Menu button. This will add the portfolio(s) to the menu on the right. You can then drag & drop the box to the position you would like it displayed in.

Note: If you do not see the Portfolios box as shown in the image above, click the Screen Options tab in the upper right corner of the screen. This will reveal a panel with multiple checkboxes. Click the box next to Portfolios in the panel to add the Portfolios selection box to the menu editor. You can also check any other items you wish to be able to add as individual menu items as well.