Shortcode Generator

Version 2 of our themes come with a new built in Shortcode generator to make using shortcodes and modifying your content much easier. You can access the shortode generator by clicking the RAWfolio logo located on the WYSIWYG editor button bar when in the content edit screen.

Individual Shortcodes

Layout Shortcodes

  • Columns - Arrange your content into newspaper like columns.
    • Usage: All column pages must end using one of the "last" shortcodes. For example: [raw_one_half] content [/raw_one_half] [raw_one_half_last] content [/raw_one_half_last]
    • Column List:
      • [raw_one_third] [/raw_one_third]
      • [raw_one_third_last] [/raw_one_third_last]
      • [raw_one_fourth] [/raw_one_fourth]
      • [raw_one_fourth_last] [/raw_one_fourth_last]
      • [raw_one_fifth] [/raw_one_fifth]
      • [raw_one_fifth_last] [/raw_one_fifth_last]
      • [raw_one_sixth] [/raw_one_sixth]
      • [raw_one_sixth_last] [/raw_one_sixth_last]
  • Tabs - Allows you to add tabbed content blocks within your posts and pages.
    • Usage: [raw_tabs] [raw_tab title="Tab 1"] content [/raw_tab] [raw_tab title="Tab 2"] content [/raw_tab] [/raw_tabs]
  • Toggles - Allows you to add blocks that can be opened/closed to reveal or hide additional content.
    • Usage: [raw_toggle title="Title" state="closed"] content [/raw_toggle]
  • Accordions - The same as Toggles but the blocks are grouped together.
    • Usage: [raw_toggle title="The Title" state="open" accordion="true"] content [/raw_toggle]

Media & Video Shortcodes

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo

Note: The WordPress 3.6 update eliminated the need for these video shortcodes as it introduces a new audio and video embed system that allows you to simply paste in links to your videos and they will automatically be embedded into your content.

Social Media Shortodes

  • Facebook Like
    • Usage: [like_button url=""]
  • Twitter Tweet Button
    • Usage: [tweet_button url=""]
  • Google +1 Button
    • Usage: [gplus_button url=""]
  • Pinterest Pin-it Button
    • Usage: [pinterest_button url=""]
  • LinkedIn button
    • Usage: [linkedin_button url=""]


Allows you to create colored clickable buttons.

  • Usage: [raw_button url="#" style="grey" size="{{size}}" type="square" target="blank"] {{your content}} [/raw_button]
  • Styles: grey, blue, red, orange, light-blue, purple, black, green
  • Sizes: small, medium, large
  • Types: round, square
  • Target: _blank, _self