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The theme options panel is the primary place where you'll be customizing your site. It contains all of the Global or Site wide settings and options for the theme.

The theme options panel is split into Six primary sections, each containing their own set of sub-sections. Since many of our themes provide an extensive list of customization options, we have grouped like options together, to avoid having to search the entire panel for similar options. e.g. all of your sites Font choices are located in the Typography sub-section of the Styling section.

Each option contains a description of what it controls as well as tips, best practices and things to look out for.

Primary Sections

  • Dashboard - This section contains quick links to various sections of your site, as well as recent news and updates from us. With some new upcoming extensions and theme plugins, it will also display info such as new customer leads, recent client payments, proofing comments and favorites.
  • Settings - This section contains most of the site wide non-styling related settings for the site, such as your logo, contact form info, social media settings etc.
  • Styling - This section contains all of the controls for customizing the actual look and design of your site, everything from typography, menu layouts and styles, logo placement, borders, spacing, backgrounds etc.
  • Blog - This section houses all options pertaining to the blog with exception to things like typography. Since we have added many controls that only appear on or control elements visible on the blog portion of your site, we thought it best to keep everything grouped into one panel.
  • Presets - The preset section allows you to Save all of your styling and settings choices into recallable presets. This makes it easy to try out new design possibilities, tweaks or to just switch things up for a month or two. You can save as many presets as you'd like and can load any saved presets whenever you'd like. Note that loading a preset overwrites all of your current option and customizaton selections with the Preset values, so make sure to backup your settings or save your current settings as a preset to avoid losing your selections. This panel also contains the Designs sub-section. The Designs subsection contains any pre-made or selectable skins that come with your theme.
  • Advanced - This section contains options and fields to allow you to enter your own custom CSS or custom Javascript code within your theme to avoid having to edit the theme files. In version two it also has add-on controls for things such as Google Analytics.


The large majority of the options in the theme options panel are geared towards styling your site, i.e. changing colors, fonts, backgrounds etc. These options are written into a stylesheet that is loaded along with every page of your site. This is how your changes are reflected for the most part. Because it is an actual file that is loaded from your site, if you use any type of caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, you will want to disable these plugins while you are customizing your site, so that your site loads the stylesheet with your changes. Once you are done customizing, then feel free to activate those plugins again.