Version 2 Changes Back to Top

Along with our other themes, there are many changes to Venti in the version 2 release. Most of which won't affect your site when upgrading, but there are a few key changes that you'll need to address upon updating. Below is a list of the more notable changes to the Venti theme. Items that need attention are noted.

Venti Additions & Changes

  • Completely Redesigned Admin Interface
  • Easier to use Gallery system and galleries now support videos as well.
  • New Image like system for blog images (we will be expanding this system in the future)
  • More options and customization control both globally and at a page level
  • New extension system under the hood that allows for easy addition of functionality and features to your site (much like the built in WordPress Plugin system)

Version 2 Action Items:

The following items will need to be addressed when upgrading from Version 1.X to Version 2 to ensure your site displays correctly.

  • Homepage - The homepage template in Simplicity has been modified in version 2 in regards to the gallery that is displayed. Instead of inserting the gallery into the content/editor like was done in Version 1, we've added a dropdown box in the Page options section below the editor to select the gallery you want displayed. We've also added the ability to add content to your homepage below the selected gallery. Because of this, you'll want to delete the previous gallery from the editor to avoid two galleries being populated on the page. If no gallery shows in the editor, but two are showing when viewing the page, simply click on the Text tab on the upper right corner of the editor and delete the line that starts with: <div class="raw-gallery" data-options....
  • Galleries - We've completely revamped the gallery system in version 2, the biggest change being that you can now use any images in your media library instead of being required to upload images directly to the gallery. Because of this, you will need to go into each of your galleries and re-select the images you want to use. Since they are already uploaded to the page, you can just select 'Uploaded to this Post' from the drop down box at the top in the 'Add Media' popup, select all the images, and click 'Use Selected Images'.
  • Shortcodes - Version 2 has a new short code system. Because of the revamped short code system, you will need to re-insert things such as tabs, toggles and accordions. This is primarily because the javascript library that was used for these in version 1, is no longer compatible with current versions of WordPress and can cause conflicts and errors. You can find a list of the shortcodes here: Version 2 Shortcodes
  • Pages - We've also added more controls for individual pages, primarily for Featured Images, their placement, and their Sizing. You'll want to go through each of your pages and select the format you want your featured images displayed in as well as your desired sizing. After you make your selections, view your pages to make sure they are displaying correctly and in the fashion you want them to be displayed.

Don't forget to click the Save button in the theme options panel so an updated stylesheet can be generated for your site.